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August 2017

Cybersecurity: Russian Hackers, Privacy, and You

WordCamp In 2016 I attended my very first WordCamp Orange County. Since then I have been able to attend 3 more; Los Angeles, San Diego, and again this year at OC. This year I was invited to give a presentation about Cybersecurity at WordCamp Orange County, I chose to discuss privacy aimed toward the average … Continue reading Cybersecurity: Russian Hackers, Privacy, and You →

Control is an Illusion: Connect deeply to survive

IMG_5304We think that we have to have total control in order to maintain our position. And when we feel our position is even in the slightest way threatened, we begin to doubt others' intentions. We look suspiciously at others for clues as to their motives.…

Creating the best Customer Onboarding Process

How do you learn? One of the conversations I enjoy the most is one I regularly have with freelancers¬†about learning and mastery. The core of my question always comes down to this: “How do you learn best?” More often than not, the answer I get – and this may be because of the circles I run in – is that people like to learn by¬†trying.…